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The Open Learning program provides authentic experiential learning opportunities for school, college, and university students, with access to fully-functional Shopify stores, all for free.

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Open Learning at Shopify

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Tell us about your course and we'll help you find what you need. We'll also give you your own store for course planning purposes.

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If your course is approved, we'll give all your students a free store.

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We can help you to embed fun and rewarding Shopify-based activities in your own curriculum.

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Students can earn digital badges in recognition of their achievements.

Learning isn’t one size fits all. Choose what works best for your students' learning goals.

Build a brand

Craft a brand that will express itself through a store's website and business materials.

Design a website

Make a fully customized online store using one of our free, editable themes.

Develop a product catalogue

Add real or dummy products, with images and detailed product descriptions that will appeal to target customers.

Create online content

Teach online visitors about the business, and answer common questions through articles, blogs, and links to social pages.

Simulate sales

Simulate customer transactions. No money changes hands, but your students receive the complete order processing experience.

Build a store for a client

Work with a charity to create a custom store. We can help the charity to launch for real when your course ends.

Through this program, our students learn the importance of ecommerce to the Canadian and world economies. They often work directly with industry, to support and enable ecommerce in businesses while furthering their own employment and career prospects.

Pam Bovey Armstrong MBA, Marketing Program Coordinator, St. Lawrence College, Ontario

We're here with you and your students on your learning journey

We care about supporting people on their path to independence. Our Open Learning program works with you to offer students a risk-free way to explore entrepreneurship.

We know you're busy. We can find you resources to fit your curriculum.

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