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.co.uk Domain Name Registration

Why choose a .co.uk domain?

.co.uk overview

Grow your online presence with a trusted .co.uk domain name. A .co.uk domain name tells users and shoppers that your business and website are British. That's because .co.uk is a second-level domain (SLD) to .uk, which is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United Kingdom. Well-known and trusted by the British, a .co.uk domain name is a great choice for any business that's operating in the United Kingdom or targeting British consumers.

.co.uk facts, stats & history

Join thousands of British businesses by registering a .co.uk domain. .co.uk is regulated by Nominet, which oversees all .uk top-level domains. Launch your .co.uk website today and join thousands of British brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs who have enjoyed the established track record a .co.uk domain name has to offer.

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Is .co.uk right for you?

.co.uk benefits

A .co.uk domain tells the world that you’re British. It’s ideal for shoppers who prefer to buy local and be charged in pound. In fact, over 70% of consumers rank .co.uk domains as their first preference when looking to buy online.

Ideas for your .co.uk domain

From large enterprises to small businesses, a .co.uk domain is a great for any British business. A .co.uk domain can help you market and sell a product or service, whether you’re a local brand, a global powerhouse, or something in between.

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FAQ - Learn more about .co.uk domains

  • .co.uk is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United Kingdom. A large variety of British businesses and organizations use .co.uk domains and it’s become one of the most popular and trusted TLDs across the United Kingdom.
  • A .co.uk domain extension is a great choice for any British business due to its familiarity and established track record with British consumers.
  • While anyone in the world can register a .co.uk domain name, Nominet, the registry that oversees all .uk domain names, requires registrants to submit a UK address into their domain’s contact details, which they may try to validate. If you live outside of the UK, an admin contact (address for service) is required instead.
  • Yes, you can buy your branded .co.uk domain names through Shopify.
  • Shopify offers free SSL certificates for all the domains registered through our platform. SSL certificates can cost you hundreds of dollars yearly.